Clubhouse Bar Opening!

Saturday 11th April – The Official Refurbished Clubhouse Bar Opening!

Tip… Don’t bet on Horse 4 – Overweight!

Should be a popular day as the Teams will have a pre-season inter-club warm up match Saturday 11th April 1.30pm. Followed by a break for teas whilst we partake in a shandy to cheer on our horses in the Grand National sweepstake and then back out onto the pitch to finish…

Hopefully not as bright as this Bar!

Evening enjoyment will continue in the new Clubhouse lounge sampling the various beverages on offer from our beautifully crafted bar…

Please all come on down to play and support. Bring your families & friends along for the official evening opening of the refurbished bar – Can’t wait!!

We continue our weekend celebration on Sunday 12th April 1.30pm with a friendly match at home against Hodnet & Peplow Cricket Club. A great weekend of Cricket and social to start off the season…

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