Bar Shirt Sponsor!

We are delighted to announce that we have a new bar shirt sponsor! LKL Services, based in Wiltshire will be sponsoring our bar shirts for the 2015 season.

LKL Services provide contract herd care to dairy farmers nationally. They handle the whole process from recruiting the person, conducting interviews and agreeing contracts and packages. When on the ground the team of regional managers regularly attend the farm, conducting appraisals and contract reviews.

LKL guarantee a minimum number of days herd care per year, which provides farmers with the piece of mind that should the regular herdsman not be available to work a relief member of staff will cover the role.

LKL provide staff for all levels of positions from assistants, herdsperson, managers and share/profit staff. LKL also own and run Eurokraft, which provides staff from Eastern Europe, mainly Poland. For more details please visit

Thanks for the support!