Bonus Ball Statistics

Some National Lottery Lotto Bonus Ball stats for you… (Saturday stats only)

imagesBonus Ball 22 proudly cherished by S Jefferies. Sharon has won the last two draws and is on a hat-trick for this weekend!? Bonus Ball 22 was also the Christmas bumper prize draw winner… There is a rumour that Sharon’s uncle resides at National Lottery headquarters!

Most commonly seen Bonus Ball 8 has made an appearance a staggering 33 times, was last won by Tim in December.

imagesimagesBonus Ball’s 45 & 37 have both made 31 appearances – They have not yet featured in the Norton-in-Hales Cricket Club Bonus Ball Draw. Will it be Martin or Jim’s turn soon?

Least common Bonus Ball 13 has only been seen 9 times, unlucky for Jon. It was last seen in November 2013!

Keep any eye on the Bonus Ball page for future winners – Hopefully its your turn soon!

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  1. Sorry Ben, it’s time for unlucky Lotto Ball 13 – last drawn as a Lotto Bonus Ball on Saturday 9th November 2013…. Must be due!!

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