‘Christmas Walk’ poster!



Details of the ‘Christmas Walk’ has now been released – You may see the posters on your travels….

Please come along and have a fun afternoon with the family & support the Club.

Enjoy the refreshments on route and partake in a well deserved tipple with Club members & supporters at the finish!!



2 thoughts on “‘Christmas Walk’ poster!

  1. I hope as many of you can come along to stretch your legs and work off some of the Christmas xs. If you want to dress up in fancy dress that’s fine it all adds to the spirit of the season. If you feel really energetic you can run the course it’s up to you. The course might be a little wet so make sure you bring suitable attire.
    Remember, we are raising money on the day for the sports community club so if you want to get sponsorship that would be great. So please bring family and friends for a good afternoon out.


  2. Please don’t adjust your TV sets! If your viewing the Blog/website from a PC (Windows & Mac) you will have noticed it is snowing….. (We hope you like the festive theme). Hopefully it stops snowing for the ‘Christmas Walk’ – Lets hope the snow doesn’t stick on the square for the Groundsmen in preparation for the new season!!

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