Bonus Ball Draw

Bonus Ball numbers have now been drawn – Please see Bonus Ball page for your lucky number….

First draw is Saturday 29th November – Good Luck!!

A few stats for youMost common drawn Bonus Ball

8 has been drawn 32 times – Will our Wicket-Keeper be the 33rd Winner?

45 has been drawn 31 times – Will the 2nd XI Team Captain be lucky?

37 also drawn 31 times – Will our Groundsman be celebrating this Saturday?

imagesOr will unlucky Ball 13 – Has only made 9 appearances catch up and keep Jon smiling!

Thanks to all participants for supporting Norton-in-Hales Cricket Club

4 thoughts on “Bonus Ball Draw

  1. I would like to thank you all for your hard work in getting the Bonus Ball off the ground and running. To achieve anything takes a bit of effort, many thanks….
    Good luck to everyone who has entered.
    I know I am a real technophobe and facebook can be a bit beyond me at times. It would be nice to hear from all of you out there.


  2. Can I echo Roly’s comments and thank the ‘team’ for the sterling work involved in the Bonus ball and website. Well done!

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